New Video Game Taxonomy

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Video games have come a long way since their creation decades ago--and yet when it comes to classifying them into categories, the concepts and language being used are not too different from the terms used in the 90's: Action. Adventure. RPG. Strategy. Meanwhile, more and more titles are being put into these overly-broad categories, making it difficult for customers to find new titles that aren't backed by huge marketing pushes (ie, AAA titles).

Project phases

  • Phase One (current phase): Identify facets that need to be defined
  • Phase Two: Create a taxonomy and modifiers that cover all the facets defined in Phase One
  • Phase Three: Create a catalog of content by tagging 1000 titles with metadata consistent with the taxonomy created in Phase Two (taking the opportunity to improve on said taxonomy once it faces real world application)
  • Phase Four: Use the taxonomy to create an online database to search the recently-created catalog.
  • Phase Five: Create an ingestion portal so users can add new entries to the catalog, expanding the utility of the database