Gameplay Experience

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Before we can get to style of play, an even more abstract question is, what type of gameplay is it?

Gameplay Experience

  • Competitive: whether against other players, the AI, or even yourself, every time you play you are competing to win. Play sessions are usually contained in specific maps. Often action-oriented games where the story is secondary to the actual gameplay, or games with short play sessions meant to be replayed over and over.
    • Racing: each time you play, you try and finish as fast as you can
    • Attack & Defend: Fight until you can't fight anymore
    • Games: Chess, card games, etc
  • Experiential: While there may be an end goal or other "win" state, the game is focused as much on the journey than whether the player "wins" or "loses." Often story-based games, or games with long campaigns.
    • Exploration
    • Goal
    • Story